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  Jun.2002 Founded BM spring (in the 4th export industrial complex in Cheongcheon-dong)
  Dec. 2002 Certification ISO 9001/QS 9000
  Jan. 2003 Enter business with HAN-JIN (BOSCH 1st Supplier)
  Jan. 2003 Certificate of Trade Business(Korea International Trade Association)
  Jan. 2003 Export contracted of WIRE HOOK (VW 1st Supplier)
  Apr.2003 Registered utility model of covered driving cable with low noise(for car outside mirrors)
  May. 2003 Enter business with HYUN-BO(BOSCH 1st Supplier)
  Jul. 2004 Enter business with SAMSUNG Electronics.(Slile Spring for mobile phone)
  Jan. 2005 Company movement to Nam-Dong Industrial complex
  May. 2005 Enter business with COAVIS(GM 1st Supplier)
  Dec. 2005 Obtained the first class degree certification of supplier quality system(assessment by current Coavis)
  Dec. 2005 Assigned a clean company from the government (Ministry Employment and Labor)
  Jun. 2006 Export contracted of Hinge Spring(CHINA)
  Jun. 2006 Eco-partner was certified (Samsung Electroinics)
  Jun. 2006 Registered torsion spring design for mobile phone (besides slide phone)
  Jan. 2008 Enter business with JAEYOUNG SOLUTEC (Automobile Maker 1st Supplier)
  Dec. 2009 Development Fighter Aircraft Parts-Ministry National Defense
  Jan. 2010 Received Incheon Business Agency's citation (IBA)
  Jan. 2010 Export contracted of WIRE ROD - U.S.A (Automobile Maker 1st Supplier)
  Jan. 2011 Received Incheon IT Promotion (IITPA)
  Apr. 2011 Articles The Korea Information & Telecommunication Times
  Apr. 2011 was certified as the industrial R&D division (KOITA)
  May. 2011 Recieved SMBA's citation
  Jun. 2011 Designated as a promising export firm (SMBA)
  Jun. 2011 Obtained Inno-biz Certification (SMBA)
  Aug. 2011 Obtained Parts & Materials Specialty Business Certification (MKE)
  Sep. 2011 Obtained TS16949 Certification
  Nov. 2011 Obtained Vision Business Certification (Incheon Mertropolitan City)
  Nov. 2011 Obtained Venture Business Certification (SMBA)